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Toddler Must-haves: The Looster Booster

Last time we visited  subject of toddler must-haves, I talked about a new potty seat  for my youngest, J2. Today we will focus on my oldest, J1 who presented me with all sorts of challenges while potty training. Nothing he does is “by the book” so I get my on-the-job-mommy-training from this little guy. It was only fitting he gave me a hard time : )

Potty challenge number one:
My son is super tall so those plastic potties that sit on the floor did not go over well. I bought all different types and each one failed and increased the frustration level for both mommy and kid. I finally tried out one of those seats that sit on the toilet and that seamed to be the solution we were looking for.

Potty challenge number two:
We conquered challenge one and now were at the point where he would use the potty on his own, but climbing up on the toilet with his pants around his knees was both challenging and quite frankly, scary! My son has low tone which causes him to have poor balance at times. I had one of those square plastic potty/step stools in the bathroom that I gave him to try out. It did help him get on the toilet but coming down was yet another challenge for him. I was stumped! All the potty step stools I found in the store and online were square and moved around on my tile floor which made my toddler very uneasy about this potty businesness. Read the rest of this entry »

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