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Spend less so you can give more. #SpinbrushCFK

I love, love, love coupons. I cannot stress this fact enough! Coupons have been such an important part of my life since I decided to quit my outside job in order to stay at home and raise my two boys. Living on one income in a two income world has been very hard for my family but we have been doing it for almost five years now and I truly think it is because I have learned to get what my family needs (and sometimes wants) by only paying pennies on the dollar and shopping smarter.
Over the past year, I have kicked my coupon strategies up a notch and have build quite a stockpile of ┬ápersonal care items. This is my favorite kind of stockpile for many reasons. The items last for years and I don’t have to worry about critters or spoilage, I never, ever, run out of items in the middle of a shower and the best reason of all….I can make large donations from it! When money is tight, it is very hard to make large donations. I know you all want to help others in need but you also want to take care of your family, right? Most veteran couponers know that when you combine a coupon plus a sale AND rewards from drugstores, you can get most personal items very cheap, free or even make a profit! ┬áThis is especially true for oral hygiene items, one of my favorite stockpile items. These items are super expensive if you buy them at full price so when there is the perfect storm of sale/coupon/reward, I buy, buy, buy!. Once my stockpile reaches a point where it is too much for my family to use, I give it away! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be able to donate huge amounts of items knowing it cost me mostly time and very little money. I like to donate my stockpile to my church but will help any organization in need, especially those that cater to low income families with children.
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