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Social Media Management

We’re very active on the web and in blogging. You might say it’s taking over our professional lives, but that’s a good thing; the people we’ve worked for in social media and design have been extremely happy with the results. Now we’d like to offer the same effective marketing services to HaveKidsWillCoupon.com readers and subscribed entrepreneurs.

Social Media Management

Did you know that many marketing gurus now recommend a Facebook presence and regular updates on Twitter for every business as a critical way to reach new clients and maintain relationships? Others recommend that you stay away unless you’re willing to update your account minimally twice a week or even every day so your account doesn’t seem stale and forgotten!

Which is true? In 2011, the answer is that both recommendations are sound.

(Click here if you’re thinking, “You’re telling me? I totally need this—just show me the plans!”)

Remember when people put ads in the paper? Newspapers, telephone directories and print newsletters are all dropping like flies as advertisers bail because no one reads them. Door to door salesmen? Outlawed. Direct mail? Works, but better with an internet strategy as a one-two punch.

The point is, the internet is expanding the marketing demands for small business, especially internet businesses, like never before. A social media presence in 2011 is as important as a dedicated domain name became in the 2000′s, a business website was in the late 90′s, or having a business card was in the 80′s and prior.

Today, marketing is about staying involved. You still need that business card, that website and that easy-to-find URL but now, you MUST have all these things AND keep up with the changing tides of communication online.

Problem: Who has the time?

Sure, if you are comfortable with technology and your business is thriving so well without you that you have the time, then yes, you could do all this yourself. Let’s say you’re a genius, and your social media strategy has paid off big time. You will have to make a choice between managing your online accounts and running your business eventually. One side or the other will always lose in that equation. So what do you do?

Or maybe you’re like most people; you use the computer a lot, have some of these accounts already, but you’ve been fiddling, not professional. You feel that keeping up with a Twitter account could very well consume most of your day and you are afraid your business will suffer. (It misses you, by the way.) Couldn’t you just pay someone else to deal with all that?

Solution: M2 Imaging.

Shoot us an email to make it all better. It’s okay. We’re professionals. Brand messaging is what we do at M2 Imaging, and the more we do it, the more muscle we have to swing in your favor. (That’s called a win-win.)

At M2 Imaging, we don’t patronize you or kid around. We know you know your business better than anyone in the world, but we do have something you haven’t. We get paid to pay attention to your brand’s message on the internet with laser-beam-like intensity so you can focus on your business’ core functions. (We know how to use apostrophes properly, too!) We work hard to send a steady stream of interested, partial, fresh faces your way with everything we do for you online.

No matter which social media marketing package you choose, we will put your best foot forward, every day of every week, block incoming bots, spam and marketers, and present a human face to the people who are open to hearing what you have to say. We’ll research and seek out new fans, follow back, post replies, direct message, and cross sell in conversation using every other client account we manage, as appropriate*. Have something you want to say? Email us a list and we’ll put it out there in natural conversation. Not sure? That’s okay. We’ll pull content from your website or our new client interview and talk about that instead.

And you get all that just signing up. That will probably save you hours of work right there. It gets better. We have five standard packages to choose from, and each involves maintaining a single Twitter and Facebook account. There are TONS of other things we can do for you, from blogging to multiple add-on social accounts, web site design, social media design and more, so if that’s what you need, let us put together a custom package just for you.

Here are our five out of this world Social Media Management packages:

Note: New customers are required to sign up for the first three months at full price. We do this to make sure you see the payoff from our hard work before resubscribing. Social media marketing requires a consistent long-term strategy, not a quick fix. Thereafter they can hire us on a month-to-month basis or take advantage of one of our subscription plan discounts.

Launch Pad Service: $100/month

Even at rest, a starship requires maintenance! Our Launch Pad plan is for clients who have a site under construction, have a book almost written, want some help managing their fledgeling accounts without a lot of activity or just need someone to set their accounts up for the first time and attract some followers. We’ll set up your new Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, devote about an hour each month researching and inviting relevant followers, and answer any incoming inquiries about your business. (And encourage them to visit your website for more info, of course!)

Blast Off! $250/month

Make sure you wear your G-Suit! For newly active accounts, the Blast Off! plan seeks to build followers and traffic fast, without a big investment. For less than a small ad in a weekly circular, we will spend an hour each week mining Facebook and Twitter for new, ideal customers, engaging them with conversation, answering questions, and inviting them to follow you. Additionally, we will post original content on each platform one to two times a week, as well as relevant links, photos, and information from your website. This account is also good for businesses that have a following, but might want a professional service (that’s us) to post multiple event announcements or specials each week.

Orbital Service: $350/month

In constant synch with your blog or website on the ground, M2 Imaging’s Orbital plan is a great way to maintain your high-speed online marketing in orbit. Not only do we perform all the services we’ve already mentioned (two hours per week of research and list growth included), but we will regularly communicate with earth by posting new content one or two times every day, as appropriate. This service is perfect for maintaining an active social media presence during business hours (or late night hours if you choose), and will grow your follower list faster by far than lower tier plans. Optionally, we can help you set up your blog so your daily facebook and twitter posts show up there too!

Lunar Landing Service: $550/month

For service that is truly out of this world, choose our Lunar Landing plan! With this one you get the works. Everything we’ve already mentioned, a total of four to five twitter and facebook updates a day, multiple hours every week of researching new followers, chatting with them, making sure every mention is answered, and a detailed synopsis of how we think things are going or what feedback we get from the fans. Even on the moon, we’re still in orbit, so we update your website with your social media posts, update Twitter and Facebook with your events and promos, cross promote your specials on our other sites (and other client accounts as appropriate*), including HaveKidsWillCoupon.com. In addition, we’ll give you a priority placement, above-the-fold ad on HaveKidsWillCoupon.com measuring 194px square.

We recommend this plan for businesses that already actively market in other medias, have blogs and participate in direct mail, but are looking to expand a constant presence online as well. If you don’t actively market in other areas but would like to, let us know. We have arrangements with publishers of coupon books, print shops, and multiple websites that can be of benefit to anyone in the U.S. For example, all Lunar Landing plan subscribers get a monthly $50 off coupon, good on any printing order of $300 or more at Morrell Printing. (shipping does not count toward $300 purchase, and monthly coupons expire at the end of each month)

Interplanetary Voyager Service: $1199/month

Ever wish space travel to other planets was possible? You’ll swear it is, when we start bringing in followers, cash in hand, from places you’ve never imagined! With our Interplanetary Voyager plan, we fuel your starship with more of our unique media and design capabilities. It includes about an hour a day, five days a week, dedicated to bringing you new followers, writing cogent Twitter and Facebook updates so skillful you’d swear they were poetry—every couple hours! There is no better way to reach people in every walk of life, no matter what time of day they habitually log in to their accounts than to be there waiting.

In addition, we’ll update your blog with the same updates, plus longer, original 400+ word blog posts one or two times a week. On supported blogs (blogspot and wordpress) if you like, we’ll also clear out spam, moderate and reply to comments for you and optimize and update your widgets and plug-ins.

At this point you’re already a stellar traveler, but wait, there’s more. The plan also comes with $100 worth of graphics work for your blog and our Facebook and Twitter design package, a $199 value, as a sign up bonus. (As long as you’re overhauling a starship, you want the paint to match, right?) It includes the Lunar Landing ad space on HaveKidsWillCoupon.com. Finally, you will get $200 off any direct mailing (print, address, mail) order of $1000 or more (not including postage) or $400 off any direct mailing order of $2500 or more (not including postage) at Morrell Printing, no coupon necessary. Just tell them you’re an M2 Imaging Interplanetary Voyager to get the discount. (They won’t look at you funny, we swear!) If you want, we’ll even coordinate the mailing with our other services for maximum impact.

This plan is perfect for medium to large businesses that recognize the need for a social media guru who is constantly in control of their brand, but aren’t quite ready to bring someone so talented onto the payroll (with all the taxes, insurance and HR trials that come with).

Other offerings

These plans only scratch the surface of what M2 Imaging can do. If you have something else in mind, let us know and we’ll tailor a plan to fit your needs and your budget. Here are some examples:

    • Copy writing


    • Web Design (sites, ads, blogs)


    • Print Design (business cards, stationery, brochures, postcards)


    • Blog Promotion or Launch


    • Blog or Marketing Consultation


    • Product Reviews/PR


    • Giveaways, promotions, mom blog recruitment


    • Web Advertising Campaigns (Google, Facebook, blogs)


    • Cross-media marketing coordination


    • Custom Illustration


    • Stock Photography research


    • Direct Mail design, printing, mailing


    • Promotional Products (pens, shirts, mugs, buttons)


    • Offset or Digital Printing and Distribution


    • Newsletters, email blitzes


    • Mailing (or emailing) list management


*When we say “cross sell from our other client accounts,” please be aware that we will never post an ad for another client in your twitter or facebook stream. These mentions are very conversational, in the interest of networking, and remember, we will do the same favor for you on our other managed accounts! For example, if a fan of your widgets is asking us if we know a good barber, and we happen to manage a barber’s account, we’ll make the recommendation. It makes your account persona seem knowledgeable, helpful, and the barber’s account will be mentioning you in return. You can opt out of this service; just let us know in the new client interview when you sign up. We’ll keep our recommendations to ourselves, and keep your name out of our other managed streams as well.


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