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Mission Giveaway

What is mission giveaway?

Vision: Mission Giveaway started with the $100 story where with $100.00 several people received the help they needed. We are on a mission to help people. We have gathered some of the most benevolent and influential bloggers to take the journey to help affect change.

The idea is one prize to win and one prize to give to someone else. We believe you can unite people by sharing, providing and caring and we are offering the means to do those things. In 2012 we hope to change the world one giveaway at a time.

Amee is the owner of Mission Giveaway and Madame Deals, INC. In one year Amee has taken Madame Deals from 5,000 viewers to 50,000 readers daily. She is a Lifetime Television mom and she has appeared on the All You Magazine Blog.

Imagine: You can have a team of at least 25 influential bloggers with each blog reaching 10k customers. That is 250k potential customers exposed to your company! The Mission Giveaway event allows you to reach and connect with your audience by providing them with an experience not just a prize.

Why should you join our Mission Giveaway family?

  • · You will receive 25 text links on our sites
  • · You will receive advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • · You will have 4 days of exposure that equals at least 100 mentions


The question IS, are you ready to make a difference?

Are you ready to build brand loyalty?

Are you ready to take part in our Mission to unite people one event at a time?

Contact Francine to schedule your Event

*fees apply, we have several options to create the advertising event you desire

Ask me how my social media team can take promoting YOUR product or service to the next level. Email me at francine@havekidswillcoupon.com for more details. Mission Giveaway Social Media Team


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