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Starting the school year off right #payingitforwardisgutzy

Recently I was given the challenge of purchasing and filling a backpack with as much school supplies as possible on a budget of only $25. Once filled, the backpack is to be donated to a child in need.

I love using my coupon skills to stretch a buck until it screams so this was a perfect challenge for me. I already had a stockpile of school supplies that I had have been collecting so half my battle was done. As I shopped the back to school sales for my own two children, I purchased extra for my donation until I reached the end of my $25 budget.

As you can see here, I did pretty well. My $25 purchased: one back pack, one lunch tote, one spiral notebook, two composition books (free), two bottles of Elmer’s glue, four packs of ball point pens (free), three packs of colored pencils (free), one pack of markers, a pair of scissors and four packs of black bic markers (free).

I will be donating this backpack to my school district to be given to a child in need. I absolutely love  participating in these pay it forward types of campaigns and will continue to scour the clearance sales to add to my stockpile so I can continue to give. A big thanks to Gutzy Gear and Madame Deals Media for making this possible!!

Disclosure: This event was sponsored by Gutzy Gear and powered by Madame Deals Media.

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