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7 Must-have summer travel apps to add to your iPhone before your next trip

Traveling with kids can be very stressful, especially when you have little ones. As I gear up for our first road trip of 2012 I have been testing out some apps that I hope will make our road trip a little less stressful. Since there are so many different ways to use apps to travel better, I will be discussing two different types of apps: Summer Travel Apps and Kiddie Apps. Today we will look at some Summer Travel Apps. Read the entire post here on Label Daddy’s Blog


Lost your iPad to the kids…again? Looks like it is time to become an EMG (Evil Mommy Genius)

They might look cute and innocent but deep down they are just trying to pry the my iPad out of my hands.

When I got my iPad I had big plans for it. It was my toy. It was going to help me organize my time better, make me an amazing chef, and heck, make me super mom! That dream was soon shattered the moment my boys laid eyes on it. It quickly became a timeshared item with mommy only getting to use it early in the morning and late at night. As soon as I came to terms with with my technological loss, I quickly started to search for apps that will make their time on the ipad count with educational games and books. They get what they want but mommy always wins. I am an evil mommy genius : )  Read the rest of this entry »


Toddler Must-haves: The Looster Booster

Last time we visited  subject of toddler must-haves, I talked about a new potty seat  for my youngest, J2. Today we will focus on my oldest, J1 who presented me with all sorts of challenges while potty training. Nothing he does is “by the book” so I get my on-the-job-mommy-training from this little guy. It was only fitting he gave me a hard time : )

Potty challenge number one:
My son is super tall so those plastic potties that sit on the floor did not go over well. I bought all different types and each one failed and increased the frustration level for both mommy and kid. I finally tried out one of those seats that sit on the toilet and that seamed to be the solution we were looking for.

Potty challenge number two:
We conquered challenge one and now were at the point where he would use the potty on his own, but climbing up on the toilet with his pants around his knees was both challenging and quite frankly, scary! My son has low tone which causes him to have poor balance at times. I had one of those square plastic potty/step stools in the bathroom that I gave him to try out. It did help him get on the toilet but coming down was yet another challenge for him. I was stumped! All the potty step stools I found in the store and online were square and moved around on my tile floor which made my toddler very uneasy about this potty businesness. Read the rest of this entry »


Toddler Must-haves: A great potty seat {that you can win!}

I am a gadgety/gear type of gal. If something is super useful to me, makes my life easier and is cost effective (BONUS!) I an all over it! My husband tends to tease me about needing certain products instead of just going basic but since I am the one home with the little monkeys all day he tends to give in to my madness : )

When I first started potty training my oldest (J1, almost 5) It was an interesting process. I visited websites, bought books, watched videos, consulted with friends and bought seven (yes seven!!) potty-type devices. While most of them served some sort of purpose at the time, I really could have skipped at least 5 of them. I still use one but will discuss that one in  my next potty training  post. Now that J1 is fully potty trained and I have received on-the-job-training I am in the process of potty training J2 (almost 3).

The potty training process has been similar with both kids but with a twist. J1 is very tall and trained late so the little plastic potty on the floor was not an option for him. He preferred sitting on the toilet which presented a whole other set of difficulties. Thankfully, this time around, J2 loves to use the potty at the same time as his brother so he is loving his own plastic potty.

Currently I am having three issues with the potty seat I already owned:

  • Little or no splash guard. I plea ignorance on this one. I had no idea how important this feature would be for my sanity. Thank goodness for Clorox wipes!
  • J2 is on the tall, skinny side so his tiny bottom leaves a huge margin of error (e.g. he pees everywhere unless we remind him to sit all the way back and hold his winky down)
  • Emptying and cleaning a plastic potty stinks (literally!)

When I was given the opportunity to review the Pourty I was very excited (my husband…not so much) to try this out with J2 to see if it made a difference.

The very first thing I noticed (and LOVED) is the high splash guard. If you have ever potty trained a boy you know how important this feature is (unless of course you enjoy cleaning up puddles) That teeny-tiny 1 inch splash guard you see on most potty seats does not cut it!

The Pourty comes in these awesome colors!

Another feature that I found in the Pourty was the comfy wide seat. It slightly higher and wider than most one piece potties making it ideal for a taller child. As I said before, J2 has a hard time finding a comfy position on his current potty.  The Pourty takes the guess work out of where to sit. The most comfortable place for J2 to sit is the best, cleanest place. There is little to no chance of him making a mess outside his new potty. This makes mommy very happy.

J2 demonstrates how easy he can help with the potty

The final feature that made this potty stand out for me was how easy is was to empty and clean. The pourty is one solid, smooth piece which means it can be easily rinsed out and sanitized after each use. After use, the contents are easily poured into the toilet or sink through the back of the potty keeping your child away from any possible mess. The handle makes pouring even easier. This is especially important when you have a child in the “I can do it stage”

Buy it! The Pourty retails for $14.95 and is available at several major retailers including and BabiesRus

Win it! One lucky Have Kids Will Coupon reader will win their very own Pourty in whichever color they choose (blue, pink, purple or white) Just enter the easy Rafflecopter form below

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5 tips to help you feed your picky eater

When my kids were born I was the queen of homemade baby food. My boys ate kale, broccoli, spinach and every other superfood I could blend with apples, pears and other sweet fruits and they loooooved it. I felt like super mom and thought by starting the kids out early on these foods, they would develop a taste for super healthy eating and my job would be done (all the books said so!!!!) I was wrong. So very, very wrong. As soon as my boys developed opinions about food it would be all over. My first, J1 (4.5 years) would give me a good run. Almost made it to two before I heard that dreaded nooooooooooo! I would not be so lucky with my second son, J2 (2.5 years) He stopped eating the super baby food I offered and opted to only eat sweet fruits and carbs making meal times super hard and downright miserable.

So here I am, in the kitchen , preparing for yet another battle with my kids again. I am tired, the kids are wired and all I want to do is sit down for one meal with my entire family once a day. I have heard tales from other moms who actually cook one dinner that everybody eats! Really? Is that possible? I am so used to preparing  three (yes three) separate dinners it is no wonder I am tired and cranky at night. In case you were wondering I will explain a typical weekday meal: grilled chicken and veggies for my husband and I, pasta/chicken nuggets or a turkey hot dog (don’t judge me), fresh fruit and veggies for J1 and some sort of Cheerio-esque cereal or a granola bar, fresh fruit and veggies-only-if-you-play-silly-games-with-him-the-entire-time for J2 (2.5 years old) Read the rest of this entry »

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