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Are you guilty of having a dirty grill?

Does your grill look like this? If so, I am here to help!

Summer is coming to a close and for some, this means the end of grilling season. Even if you are the die-hard “I’ll-grill-in-a-snow-storm” type, in order to get the best performance from your grill, you need to keep that grill clean!

Now I know all of you have been really, really good keeping that grill clean all summer, right? We all know, the best way to clean a grill is to not let greasy, charred bits build up and I know you have been diligently cleaning your grill after each use. Wait, you haven’t? It’s ok, I am guilty of grill neglect this summer (as seen in the photo above) but it’s ok because I am here to help! As you read these tips remember to always consult your manual & follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific grill. Continue reading here


7 Must-have summer travel apps to add to your iPhone before your next trip

Traveling with kids can be very stressful, especially when you have little ones. As I gear up for our first road trip of 2012 I have been testing out some apps that I hope will make our road trip a little less stressful. Since there are so many different ways to use apps to travel better, I will be discussing two different types of apps: Summer Travel Apps and Kiddie Apps. Today we will look at some Summer Travel Apps. Read the entire post here on Label Daddy’s Blog


Mommy Must-Haves: As Seen on TV’s Open It! {Review and Giveaway}

It happens every year at Christmas. The anticipation builds for weeks and weeks until the big day. Tons of beautifully wrapped presents under the tree get torn open in minutes in a frenzy of excitement as mom and dad sit back and watch with giant smiles on their faces, relaxing on the couch. Wait, what? It’s not like that at your house you say? Maybe you have a more common scenario like the one I have at my home. The first part is the same, anticipation, wrapped presents, excitement, yadda, yadda, yadda but with one small, significant difference.

Problem: Once the presents are opened the real horror story begins. Imagine two very persistent boys begging you to open their new toys at the same time.

Solution: Hard, annoying plastic packaging is no match for the Open It! Now you can open all those toys quickly and safely!


Read the rest of this entry »


10 ways to entertain the kids this summer without breaking the bank

School is nearly over and it has me thinking about how I will keep two boys entertained all summer on a budget. We have some trips planned and will use our pool  but there is always some downtime during the week (and on rainy days) so I like to have some go-to-activities I can use with a bit of planning ahead.

The key to kids happiness (and mommy’s sanity) is to have a plan. My goal is to have 2-3 planned activities with their friends each week, which leaves us with a few free days left over to see where the day takes us. I like to keep the activities during the week cheap or free so we can  budget in the expensive activities like fairs, zoos and amusement parks when we are with daddy (he likes to have fun too you know!)

Here’s a list of some of my go-to-activities and resources. You might have to do a little research in your area to customize this list but many of my links are national. Read the rest of my guest post on Label Daddy


Lost your iPad to the kids…again? Looks like it is time to become an EMG (Evil Mommy Genius)

They might look cute and innocent but deep down they are just trying to pry the my iPad out of my hands.

When I got my iPad I had big plans for it. It was my toy. It was going to help me organize my time better, make me an amazing chef, and heck, make me super mom! That dream was soon shattered the moment my boys laid eyes on it. It quickly became a timeshared item with mommy only getting to use it early in the morning and late at night. As soon as I came to terms with with my technological loss, I quickly started to search for apps that will make their time on the ipad count with educational games and books. They get what they want but mommy always wins. I am an evil mommy genius : )  Read the rest of this entry »


5 tips to save your sanity while traveling with the kids

This summer we will traveling quite a bit with my 3 and 5 year old boys and I am l both excited and dreading it at the same time.  In addition to flying to Florida, we will hitting the road for a few out of state road trips. These road trips have me a bit worried and because I am a planner at heart, I have devised a sanity saver plan that will surely keep my little monkeys happy during these long trips. Read the rest of this entry »

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