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Got a stain? Before you reach for the toxic stuff check your pantry!

Living with my husband, two little boys, three cats, a dog and a fish means my day is full of surprises. Surprise! Look what the dog did on the carpet in the hallway. Surprise! Look at the crayon masterpiece my youngest created for me on my walls. Surprise! My oldest tried to “help” me clean but only made the cleanup take twice as long. You get the picture.

Before my children, I would run out an buy all sorts of specific stain removers for the carpet, laundry and whatever stains might have popped up. It didn’t occur to me the potential harm I might have been causing to my health. Two children, three cats and hundreds of hours reading about green cleaning later, things are a drastically different. I knew that these products cost a small fortune and take up valuable space in the cabinets, but I learned that they can be highly toxic. When the tube is 4 inches high and the ingredient list consumes 3 inches of the label, it’s a bit scary. I decided that I just didn’t need the added stress of worrying what chemicals are in my home possibly touching my pets and children so off to the kitchen I went! Want to see WHAT I found? Find out on here Teresa’s Family will be surprised!


Just had a baby? Now is a great time to ditch those toxic chemicals!


Have you ever seen the look on the face of a mom when a mom-to-be makes the announcement that they are having a baby? It is a look of joy, excitement and a little bit of knowing. Veteran moms knowthat no matter how many videos you watch, classes you take or books you read, you are never fully prepared. Until you live with a baby, you cannot fully know what you are in for.


While this may not be true in all cases, it was true in my case. The exhaustion, the emotions, the mess! Oh the messes those cute little buggers make! Even after two children I still cannot figure out how something as small as one chocolate chip can make an entire living room sticky! Thanks to their uber-cutness we deal with the mess (how great is that first smile….melts all the stress away) and carry on with our daily routine…just a bit more sticky.


If you have transitioned to a green cleaning routine by now (go you!!) you are probably familiar with all the benefits of a green cleaning routine to you and your family….especially baby! If not, no worries, today is always a good day to start!

Read the entire post here


Keeping baby’s laundry clean and green

When I first became a mommy there was a lot of little things that I did not prepare myself for. The lack of sleep. The lack of time. The mounds and mounds of laundry that little, sweet cherub produced on a daily basis. I truly had no idea how many times I would have to change the clothes on my infant son. I fully expected the change of clothes from pj’s to daily clothes back into new pj’s at night but I think I was in serious denial. There were days that I would put a fresh onesie on my son only to have him soil it within minutes and then again an hour later. This went on for months! I needed to keep up on all this laundry but I knew that I had to change my washing ways. Read entire post here


Should you go green when you clean?


Have you ever walked down the cleaning supply aisles of Target or Walmart and noticed the dizzying choices of cleaning products and just wondered how you were going to make a decision on what to buy? Should you choose that conventional cleaner with bleach or their “green” version?  If it is labeled as a green product why are there 20 strange sounding ingredients listed? That “all natural organic cleaner” looks good but is it truly non-toxic and why is it 4 times the price of these other cleaners? I have heard of people making their own cleaner but why should I?


Before making that decision of what to buy, it is important to consider these 5 factors before handing over your hard earned cash.  Continue reading here


How do you feel about using green cleaners instead of conventional? Have you made a total switch or a gradual one. I would love to hear your story.
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5 Non-toxic ways to clean your home without breaking the bank

You know I love a good bargain, right? That being said, in the past I have gotten a myriad of cleaning products for free over the years and never really thought about the safety of using these chemicals around my home. Since the birth of my first child I have been slowly ridding my home of toxic chemicals and the easiest place to start was with my cleaning products.

I had been using vinegar and baking soda for years but really never ventured out into the home-made cleaning product world (and it is quite a world) Everyday I learn a new use for an everyday product and am constantly surprised at how well these methods work. The best part it that I still get to save tons of money and I never have to worry about using my cleaning supplies around my kids and pets.

Below are five of my favorites

Cornstarch: If you find yourself with a grease stain on your carpet, pour cornstarch onto the stain and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes then vacuum. The cornstarch should absorb all the grease and will be easily vacuumed away.

Rubbing Alcohol: Did your child find that Sharpie and decide to draw you a picture on your wood floor or countertop? To erase that permanent marker  masterpiece  from finished wood floors or solid-surface countertops, try using rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball. The marker should come off without harming the surface.

Coffee Grounds: These make an excellent abrasive cleaner for pots and pans. Grab a handful, scrub and rinse. They also make a great room deodorizer.  Place grounds in dish to absorb odors from refrigerators and freezers.

Tea Tree Oil: Make a non-toxic mold and mildew spray by combining 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake and spray on moldy areas. Do not rinse. This spray can also be used in place of Lysol to kill germs on door nobs, solid surfaces and anywhere around the home that might benefit from an antiseptic spray.

Hydrogen Peroxide : My keyboard gets filthy fast so instead of using expensive “keyboard cleaner” I just use wipe down the entire keyboard with plain old peroxide. It will clean, disinfect and you wont be touching toxic chemicals as you post on Facebook while you eat that donut : )

Warning: When using these or any products, always test a small, inconspicuous area before cleaning an entire area and always keep your cleaning products, non-toxic included, out of the reach of teeny, tiny hands.

If you enjoyed this recipe and article, I also write about similar topics on LabelDaddy, feel free to check those out as well


Are you guilty of having a dirty grill?

Does your grill look like this? If so, I am here to help!

Summer is coming to a close and for some, this means the end of grilling season. Even if you are the die-hard “I’ll-grill-in-a-snow-storm” type, in order to get the best performance from your grill, you need to keep that grill clean!

Now I know all of you have been really, really good keeping that grill clean all summer, right? We all know, the best way to clean a grill is to not let greasy, charred bits build up and I know you have been diligently cleaning your grill after each use. Wait, you haven’t? It’s ok, I am guilty of grill neglect this summer (as seen in the photo above) but it’s ok because I am here to help! As you read these tips remember to always consult your manual & follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific grill. Continue reading here

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