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Yeah, I use shaving cream. What’s that gonna cost me?

A few readers have asked me, “why do you always write about shaving?” Well, there could be a few deep seated psychological reasons involved. For example, when it comes to shaving one’s face, it’s an area of this blog that I can safely call my own.

To be honest, though, there isn’t any real deep, enigmatic reason for it. I just find shaving supplies and materials to be one of those lucky areas where the savvy coupon-er can really leverage their know-how to wipe out, almost completely, the inane costs of being a modern human being.

You know what I mean. There are some things that we are forced to pay for that seem so taxing and yet so unavoidable, it verges on being wrong. I bought a car, why do I have to change the oil and buy gas? I get thirsty, and the only water (the most plentiful substance on Earth) around costs $5 a bottleā€”no fair!. I hate shaving and yet I have to suck it up every morning and put a little more wear and tear on a costly disposable razor and use a little more shaving cream. Are you kidding? Some expenses just don’t seem right.

Happily, though we’re still working on couponing our way out of the costs of medical care, the price of mangos in the off-season and going rate for the latest iGadget, shaving supplies can wind up costing very little (or even nothing) if you have the right match-ups.

That, right there, is why I like to write about shaving. I may rake my stubborn whiskery chin raw every morning with a groggy grunt of dissatisfaction, but knowing the stuff is free somehow, in a small way, makes it all worthwhile.

By the way, this post was sponsored by the fine folks at Bucks2Blog, but don’t let that fool you; everything above came out of my thinker so you can’t blame them.


Help branch out!

At the risk of writing about something a little off topic, I would like to share a little something about one of my most favorite charities, (Actually, by the end of this post, the frugality in the philosophy of microloans should be apparent.) Read the rest of this entry »


Bath Wars – Plumbing the Depths of Patience

Bath time with two toy-a-holics like my kids can be fun, but trying. Each night it’s a battle of time and patience versus distraction and toy distribution preferences. Often it becomes a fight that leaves me irritated, wet and discouraged, but there are glimmers of success that keep me going, and a few ways I’ve learned to manage the mess. Read the rest of this entry »


Free Summer Concerts in Medford, NY

One of the great things about summer is all the free concerts, popping up all over the place. Where we live, there are concerts to go to almost any night of the week in one town or another, usually sponsored by chambers of commerce, but often by fire departments, ambulance companies or towns themselves.

Tonight, for example, there is a free concert in Medford Memorial Park, Medford, NY Read the rest of this entry »


5 Ways to Find Diamonds in the Rough – A Study of Gas Station Soda Deals

A quick study in gas station soda deals

I was thinking today a little bit about a few money-saving habits I have; one that many might not think of when they think great savings. Specifically, I am talking about soda buys at the local convenience mart gas station. They can yield surprisingly good deals when sales are done in the stores, and with my tips, you can save even more when you least expect it. Read the rest of this entry »


Playing the shaving products roulette

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Care to play?

I’ve been playing “Shaving Products Roulette” since Francine started her coupon quest last winter, and the varieties of creams, gels, and soaps I’ve sampled since seem endless. Some of the products have been good, and others so-so, but whenever I remind myself that she’s getting them for free, I feel like a winner. Read the rest of this entry »

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