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Lake Living

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Gosh, I hate the idea of living in the city more than any reasonable person should. You wouldn’t think so since I grew up in New York but I think it’s because of that, actually…I got so sick of the car horns and people yelling that I bought a house up here in the Catskills and I haven’t looked back since! I have everything I need here including my own little vegetable garden and plenty of room for my dogs to roam around. They really like to be outside and play with each other and the other wilderness animals and I just love being able to let them go and feel good about it. I’ve even got internet all the way out here with! I don’t know why people get so scared of the idea of going out to the country but I won’t ever again. It’s nice and peaceful out here and this is just the way I like it for now and hopefully until I get old and gray!


5 Ways to Find Diamonds in the Rough – A Study of Gas Station Soda Deals

A quick study in gas station soda deals

I was thinking today a little bit about a few money-saving habits I have; one that many might not think of when they think great savings. Specifically, I am talking about soda buys at the local convenience mart gas station. They can yield surprisingly good deals when sales are done in the stores, and with my tips, you can save even more when you least expect it. Read the rest of this entry »


Playing the shaving products roulette

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Care to play?

I’ve been playing “Shaving Products Roulette” since Francine started her coupon quest last winter, and the varieties of creams, gels, and soaps I’ve sampled since seem endless. Some of the products have been good, and others so-so, but whenever I remind myself that she’s getting them for free, I feel like a winner. Read the rest of this entry »


Art for my Daughter

This week’s Guest poster is: Darius Boone

As an active mom, I love that my daughter has a lot of extracurriculars. I think they’re a great way for her to stay involved with school outside the classroom and she’s also been able to develop new friendships and nurture some great skills as well. Stacy’s particularly into art, which has been a really neat thing to see her learn. She’s gotten so much better since she started taking the painting class afterschool and we’ve even hung up a couple of her works in our home! I recently subscribed to 4G from so Stacy could look up images online and practice her skills. She’s even been able to watch tutorial videos online to learn new and different techniques that she’s been using even in her art class at school. Her teacher’s been really impressed with her dedication and has even recommended she take a summer class at the local art college. My daughter just loves doing something she’s passionate about and I’m happy to nurture such a creative, positive hobby in her!

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