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Keeping the kids happy with some loose change #NoFeeCoinstar #CBias

It happens almost every time. I often go  to the grocery store with my two boys, J1( age 4)  and J2 (age 2) and somehow, before the end of the trip, we seem to pass a strategically placed display of toys, turning my oldest into a whiney, crying mess. Most of these trips have been uneventful but lately this has become an issue.

In order to remedy this and turn a bad situation into a teaching moment, I started giving my oldest, J1 an allowance. He gets a quarter for cleaning up his toys without being asked, when he is super nice to his brother or when he helps me around the house. I explained to him that the money that he earns can be used to buy anything he wants but he has to earn this “mad” money. Now, when he starts whining that he wants a toy I can remind him that he can use his allowance to buy it if he has enough. Most of the time this works. He is saving for a big Transformer and periodically asks if he has enough money in his bank. The answer is usually no but over time his bank has started to pile up with change and J1 was ready to convert all those coins to cash.

When I was given the opportunity to try out Coinstar using the no fee option I was super excited. I had always wanted to try out Coinstar but the 9.8% fee was a bit of a turn off so I just rolled my change the old fashioned way. Yes, it was time consuming but I wanted to keep my money! Now that there is a no fee option I could not wait to take the boys to Stop and Shop and try it out!

J2 and J1 are all set and ready to cash out all that change.

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