I didn’t sign up for all this mess!

I didn’t sign up for all this mess!

This year marks the end of my oldest son’s first year of elementary school and it was certainly an interesting one. There were lots of special moments: the first book he read to me, the first sentence he wrote about me and the times he could not wait to see me at the bus stop so he can tell me about how many spots a lady bug had (there are different species around the US you know…)

My younger son, had his first year of pre-k and had a similar year of firsts. As a work at home mom, I have the pleasure of experiencing all of these special moments as they happen and I could not be happier.

This year was filled with similar firsts that were not so special. The first time my oldest came home with a new term for his little brother AKA “Poopy head”, a new, not-so-pleasant attitude when he had a rough day in kindergarten (is this even possible?) and my favorite…new childhood illness!!

This year was by far, the sickliest year we have had in the six years I have been a parent. There was the flu,stomach flu/virus,  ear infections, sinus infections, viral rashes, strep throat, fifth’s disease and a non-stop flow of mucus in our home. One of the kiddies would bring it home from school and it would cycle through every member of our family but before officially leaving, it would invite a new friend over to infect us with something else.

I wish I was kidding but I am not!

Every illness was a little bit different with it’s own special trademark: fever, boogies, rash. One thing always was a constant: diarrhea. This was such a common occurrence  in our home that I had to nickname a particular outcome of this constant occurrence, Squirtle. Let me give you the “official” definition: Squirtle is the remnants on the bottom of the toilet seat after your children catch the stomach virus running rampant around school.

Because of this constant “Squirtle”  I found myself having to clean the toilet before I even considered using the toilet. If you didn’t, you never knew exactly what you might end up sitting in. On the plus side, my toilet was sparkling, on the negative side, it never stayed that way for long.

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Here’s to a healthy summer!!!


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