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Four Ways To Save Money On Makeup

Most women apply make-up to their faces every morning in order to get a more mature look that enhances their best features.  Eye shadow makeup, mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner are just a few examples of products that women use to turn their features into eye-catching works of art.  As with many products, it’s typically true with makeup that you get what you pay for.  Cheap drugstore brands can be damaging to your skin and may rub off halfway through the day.  But the higher priced brands can be extremely out of reach for the everyday woman.  With the following four tips, you can look great with high quality cosmetic products that increase your confidence and protect your skin.

Wait For A Bonus Gift
Many higher end cosmetic companies will offer a bonus gift throughout the year when you purchase a certain amount of their products.  If possible, wait to buy your necessities when these gifts are being given.  Gifts typically come with a small sample of lipstick, lotion, eye shadow, and several other products that the maker is hoping to promote.  When you purchase your cosmetics during gift time, you get the product you needed plus a whole new supply of several new kinds of makeup that you haven’t even tried.  You may quickly discover a love for a new product, and be able to purchase a full size bottle in order to get your next free gift.

Reuse Your Empty Packaging
Other higher end cosmetic companies will take back your empty containers and give you a product for free.  For example, if you save seven empty containers of products from one major retailer, you are then given a free lipstick.  This is a great way to get free products and reuse the materials that were used to make your original product.

Sign Up For Promotional Codes
Almost every major company offers email updates and coupon codes if you sign up to receive their emails.  For the cosmetic companies that you use the most, sign up to receive emails and make sure to save the coupon codes.  If you notice a special for something that you use, purchase it while it is on sale rather than waiting until you absolutely must have it.  If you pay close attention to what is on promotion, you can stock up on your supplies before they get low and always have a backup plan.  This also allows you to buy your products when you have the money, and not when you run out.

Collect Samples
Everywhere you turn someone is trying to give you a sample of something, and makeup is no different.  Every magazine offers several samples of perfume, and many cosmetic companies will also offer samples of their products in magazines or in the mail.  Sign up to receive these promotional pieces, and hold onto any samples you come across.  Even if you don’t like the product right now, you may find that you are willing to try it in the future.  Create a backup stash that can sustain you when you run out of products.

Going without makeup products simply isn’t an option for most women.  The finished look and confidence that cosmetics can bring you shouldn’t be sacrificed because you are running low on cash.  With these tips, you can use high quality makeup brands and not break the bank at the same time.

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