Is North Carolina the place to be?

Is North Carolina the place to be?

I recently had a dear friend move from around the corner all the way back to her home state of North Carolina. I was so sad to see her go but she tried to help me feel better about it by telling me  that I always had a vacation spot with free lodging (FREE? I like FREE!). I always thought that the only reason I would want to go to NC would be for just a visit to see my friend but the last 11 months of Facebook posts and pictures have definitely changed how I see this state.

Until she moved, I did not know about all the Golf Clubs in North Carolina. She is surrounded by them! Now my husband and I are not big golfers but these clubs offer amenities that we are into like swimming, shopping, dining and just plain beauty! Since my boys are getting bigger they want to play outside more and it would be pretty nice to actually be outside for more than a few minutes in the wintertime. My friend might be on to something!

I hope to get out to my friend this summer and see what this state is all about. Maybe she can turn this NY girl into an NC girl…ya’ll!


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