I love my Honda

I love my Honda

Honda Accord
I never thought of myself as a Honda girl. I have had my share of new cars but after the “new car smell” died, my eyes would start to wander to the next, better car. Before I married my husband I had four different makes of cars (to his one) and I thought I would never find the “perfect car”

Fast forward to June 2012. I was driving my eight year old car in the middle of a torrential downpour. I had just dropped off my oldest son at camp and I had my 3 year old in the back seat. I was on the the service road of a major highway when I drove through what I thought was a deep puddle. Turns out it was more of a lake and my car stopped dead right there. I was terrified but somehow after a few minutes and several attempts to start the car, the engine finally turned over. I was able to drive home shaken but ok (or so I thought) The next day as I was driving the car to the shop to check out a strange noise the car was making, I heard a loud gun shot type of sound, my car shook and white smoke was pouring out of the car. I grabbed my purse and my son and ran from the car, thinking it was going to blow up! Turns out, the engine fell out and it was time to put the car to rest.

In a panic, I started to look at cars but did not have time to really investigate. I needed something with a great reputation and a long track record. I came across an email in my inbox that read Honda cars for sale Chicago Il. I had always thought that Honda’s were kind of pricey but when I clicked on the link and saw all the different priced models I was pretty impressed. The base model was pretty affordable and came with all the safety features I was looking for along with one of my favorite luxury features…a USB connection cable! I was hooked! The next day I went to my local Honda dealer and drove away in a beautiful gun metal 2012 Accord and never looked back!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are 100% my own.


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