I am a promotional tote bag junkie

I am a promotional tote bag junkie

Hi my name is Francine and I have a slight addiction to tote bags. There, I said it! That felt good but it still doesn’t change the fact that I must have at least a hundred tote bags stored in my home, my car and my husband’s car and office.

I guess it doesn’t help that my husband sells promo items as part of his business. Every day he comes home with a new catalog full of cool trinkets and everyday items that I must have now! He also likes to send me links to items I might like. Yesterday he saw a tote bag on the Leeds Promotional Items website thinking I would like it and he was right!

I am not sure what it is about the tote bags that I like. We have tons of pens and printed sticky notes (another obsession of mine) along with promo flashlights and USB flash drives (I love these too…I really have a problem!) but my husband seems to bring home at least ten tote bags a week for me to look at and use.

The great thing about having so many different kinds of tote bags is how I use them. My favorite is bringing them to the grocery store and BJs. We never seemed to have enough in the past and now we practically have a tote bag dispenser in my trunk! I also like to pack emergency bags to store in my trunk packed with extra baby wipes, clothing etc.

During the summer I pack all the sand toys and towels in these bags and just toss the washable ones (Not all of them are washable so make sure you read the label. Don’t find out they aren’t the hard way like I did!) in the laundry. I also like to pack the clothing my children have outgrown in these bags and just drop them off at the thrift store without worrying about getting the bag back (and not having to waste a plastic garbage bag…bonus!)

Right now we are working on putting together a tote bag with Have Kids Will Coupon’s logo on it but I just cannot decide what kind of bag I want. So many choices. I am not so good with choices. Maybe I need a few more tote bags to make my final decision…

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are 100% my own.


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