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Did you know that Best Buy has an electronic recycling program?

How to recycle electroinics

Spring is almost here and do you know what that means? Spring cleaning time!

Every year I use this time of year as an excuse to get rid of all the clutter that has accumulated in my home over the past year. I hate to just throw anything out so I am always looking for new ways to recycle my old stuff.

One of the items that seems to build up the most in my home is electronics. Technology is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet and is one of the hardest items to recycle. Stores like Best Buy know this and as  one of the world’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, they want to be part of the solution.

Have cell phones from years ago from another retailer? No problem. No matter where you bought or how old it is, Best Buy will recycle it for FREE.  Best Buy recycles 387 pounds of electronics each minute their stores are open. When you bring your electronics to any US Best Buy or Puerto Rico location, rest assured that your items will be responsibly and safely disposed of.

Now that you have recycled your old electronics, why not consider upgrading to more energy efficient ones?Best Buy carries an extensive line of Energy Star certified products helping you not only save the planet but save money as well.

As the items in our home die off we have been slowly upgrading to Energy Star products and we cannot be happier. How can you go wrong using a great product that saves you money?

Have you used Best Buy’s Recycling Program? What did you think? I would love to hear about your experience in a comment below.

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions are 100% mine.



Have you ever thought about what you would do if you suddenly came into a lot of money? Would you travel? Help your friends and family? Donate to a cause? How about moving to a more luxurious home?

It’s been cold and miserable these last few weeks and I have been stuck in the house going a little stir crazy. Since I spend a good portion of my day online for work, I find myself surfing the net for dream places I would love to move to. One of my favorite pastimes is looking at real estate listings. There is something about peeking into beautiful dream homes just to see what is out there that is appealing to me.  Today  I came across a few Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes and my jaw just dropped open. One home had a boat parked right outside of the home, a six car garage and an elevator! Now that is living! It’s nice to dream, right?


Moving musings

Today I spent the day online checking out all the places I would rather be than in my current state. Right now, it is FREEZING out and place like warm, sunny Florida sounds awfully nice. As I sipped some nice, hot tea I took virtual tours of beautiful places like Orchid Island Golf And Beach Clubs and imagined what I would be doing right now if I lived there.

Two weeks ago we were snowed in for four days after getting a record breaking 30″ of snow in one day. I dream of life without road salt and shoveling. I life of year round flip flops and nightly walks on the beach with my husband and kids. Two months of this life is just not enough…I am greedy and want it year round!

Today I planted a seed in my dear husband’s head. Maybe the snowstorm that is due to arrive next week will help tip the scales in my favor : )


Do you have a nomadic tendency?

I have lived in the same state all my life and only moved three times, two with my family and once when I married my husband. Needless to say I am NOT a great mover. My husband on the other hand has lived all over the place. He grew up in Hawaii, lived in Washington, Oregon and all over New York. Needless to say, he is much better at moving than I am.

After a recent trip to Disney in Florida, I began thinking what it would be like to live in a  community like New Homes Jensen Beach, where it’s warm most of the year, surrounded by water, palm trees and and the chance to garden year round! It gets pretty cold here in the winter and my kids aren’t fond of bitter wind chill (not my favorite either!) The thought of having them outside year round, playing in the yard of a family friendly community, close to the beach in a great school district makes me seriously consider making Florida my new home. Don’t tell my husband that his wish might actually be coming true soon : )


My #IngressDR mommy mission

Last week I was called into action to complete a top-secret mission involving the new Android app Ingress and Duane Reade.  I was intrigued with the strange combination but being the thrill seeker I am I accepted (and I needed some bodywash and gift cards so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone)

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