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Got a stain? Before you reach for the toxic stuff check your pantry!

Living with my husband, two little boys, three cats, a dog and a fish means my day is full of surprises. Surprise! Look what the dog did on the carpet in the hallway. Surprise! Look at the crayon masterpiece my youngest created for me on my walls. Surprise! My oldest tried to “help” me clean but only made the cleanup take twice as long. You get the picture.

Before my children, I would run out an buy all sorts of specific stain removers for the carpet, laundry and whatever stains might have popped up. It didn’t occur to me the potential harm I might have been causing to my health. Two children, three cats and hundreds of hours reading about green cleaning later, things are a drastically different. I knew that these products cost a small fortune and take up valuable space in the cabinets, but I learned that they can be highly toxic. When the tube is 4 inches high and the ingredient list consumes 3 inches of the label, it’s a bit scary. I decided that I just didn’t need the added stress of worrying what chemicals are in my home possibly touching my pets and children so off to the kitchen I went! Want to see WHAT I found? Find out on here Teresa’s Family Cleaning..you will be surprised!

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