Is it possible to have a healthy candy bar that actually tastes good? #GetUnreal

Is it possible to have a healthy candy bar that actually tastes good? #GetUnreal

Recently, I was selected to host a party to help my  friends and family try UNREAL™ candy , a new company whose mission is to “unjunk” the world by taking out all the bad stuff found in candy and replacing it with high quality, healthier, natural ingredients.


Most candy is made up of  unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors/colors and  genetically modified organisms. UNREAL™ candy removes the “junk” and replaces it with healthier ingredients like peanuts, real milk, cane sugar, organic palm fruit oil and double the cocoa. As a bonus, UNREAL™ candy has less calories, less fat and  40% less sugar than the traditional chocolate candy. They also have 60% more fiber and 250% more protein per serving than competitive brands.

UNREAL™ 54 (unjunked peanut M&Ms)

I was given the following varieties to give to my guests to try: UNREAL™ 77 (unjunked Reeses Peanut butter cups), UNREAL™ 5 (not sure what this was similar too but it was like a Snickers without the peanuts), UNREAL™ 8 (unjunked Snickers), UNREAL 41™ unjunked M&Ms) and UNREAL™ 54 (unjunked peanut M&Ms).

UNREAL™ 77 (unjunked Reeses Peanut butter cups)

I chose to give out my samples at a birthday party because there would be children of varying ages as well as adults to get a good sampling. I wasn’t sure how the tasting would turn out but I was pleasantly surprised!. All the candy was very well received by both children and adults. Usually when you hear the word “healthy” attached to the word chocolate I sort of cringe but I have to admit, all the flavors were really good! If the UNREAL™ 54 candies did not look different color-wise, I don’t think the kids would have even notices the difference from their junky counterparts. The overall favorite by far was the UNREAL™ 77 peanut butter cups and the UNREAL™ 54 candies. All the varieties had a delicious, smooth chocolate and the peanut butter int the UNREAL™ 77 and the caramel in the UNREAL™ 8 tasted amazing. We all had to resist eating more than one and we had to hide the rest to dole out to the kiddies!

UNREAL™ candy is easily found at your local drug and grocery store along with big box retailers. To learn more, visit the  UNREAL™ website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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