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Keeping baby’s laundry clean and green

When I first became a mommy there was a lot of little things that I did not prepare myself for. The lack of sleep. The lack of time. The mounds and mounds of laundry that little, sweet cherub produced on a daily basis. I truly had no idea how many times I would have to change the clothes on my infant son. I fully expected the change of clothes from pj’s to daily clothes back into new pj’s at night but I think I was in serious denial. There were days that I would put a fresh onesie on my son only to have him soil it within minutes and then again an hour later. This went on for months! I needed to keep up on all this laundry but I knew that I had to change my washing ways. Read entire post here


ENDED: Mission Giveway: Win a Hair Dryer and a Waffle Maker!


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Is it possible to have a healthy candy bar that actually tastes good? #GetUnreal

Recently, I was selected to host a party to help my  friends and family try UNREAL™ candy , a new company whose mission is to “unjunk” the world by taking out all the bad stuff found in candy and replacing it with high quality, healthier, natural ingredients.


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Should you go green when you clean?


Have you ever walked down the cleaning supply aisles of Target or Walmart and noticed the dizzying choices of cleaning products and just wondered how you were going to make a decision on what to buy? Should you choose that conventional cleaner with bleach or their “green” version?  If it is labeled as a green product why are there 20 strange sounding ingredients listed? That “all natural organic cleaner” looks good but is it truly non-toxic and why is it 4 times the price of these other cleaners? I have heard of people making their own cleaner but why should I?


Before making that decision of what to buy, it is important to consider these 5 factors before handing over your hard earned cash.  Continue reading here


How do you feel about using green cleaners instead of conventional? Have you made a total switch or a gradual one. I would love to hear your story.
Photo credit: Crunchy Peas

Mission Giveaway: Win: A FritoLay Ultimate Tailgate Prize Pack for you and a friend!

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