Spruce up any strap with Gutzy Gear

Spruce up any strap with Gutzy Gear

Sad and lonely straps

My “baby” just turned five and we are gearing up for kindergarten! I am in the midst of picking up the last of the long list of supplies I have to send in with him on the first day and I am almost done…for now. The biggest item on that list is the backpack. He picked out Spiderman (of course) but since I saw three other boys pick out the same exact backpack it got me thinking that maybe I should make his backpack stand out just a bit.

Gutzy Gear is a cool new product that lets kids take a run of the mill item like a backpack and customize to fit their own interests without sewing or permanently damaging the bag! The process could not be more simple: remove the backpack strap covers from the box, wrap it around any bag strap and add your favorite Gutzy! There currently are 56 Gutzies in the series and new Gutzies are constantly being introduced so there is something for everyone! The straps and patches all attach with velcro so your child can change their patches as often as they change their mind.

Personalize any strap again and again with Gutzy Gear!

My son J1 was so excited to decorate his straps because he could see how cool the patches were. Spidey was on his back but his straps were plain and lonely : ( Once I did J1′s backpack, my little guy, J2 wanted in on the action so we decorated his backpack for preschool. As you can see, both kids were thrilled!

Both boys loved their fun, new straps

Once of the great things about these straps are they pretty much will fit any kind of backpack, messenger bag, luggage handle and even your scooter. If it can wrap all the way around something, you can add a patch to it! Make sure you check out all their current and upcoming patches on the Gutzy Gear  website and stay up to date on all the cool happenings on the Gutzy Facebook and Twitter pages.

 I was provided products in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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