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Create your own Chemical Free Cleaning Kit for your college bound kid


Are you sending your “baby” off to college this year? If so, you have probably gone (or will be) shopping for all the dorm must-haves that have been advertised like crazy since July. You have the Hello Kitty lamp and the beanbag chair all ready to send off with your college student but have you considered what  your son or daughter will be using to keep their dorm room or apartment clean? I know it is easy to just run to the store and grab any old bottle of chemicals but  wouldn’t it be a wonderful gift to teach your child how to clean the non-toxic way? Not only will you be keeping them healthy, you will save money in the long run! You can even make this non-toxic cleaning kit as a thoughtful housewarming gift to someone who is just starting out or if you want to help someone who is overcoming a serious illness such as cancer* and needs to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their cleaning routine. Continue reading 


It’s BOGO time at Famous Footwear!

This post brought to you by Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.


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OVER: Mission Giveaway: 1 Gutzy Gear Party Pack to WIN and 1 to GIVE


Do you you want to break away from the boring, old backpack strap? Then Gutzy Gear is for you! Check out my Gutzy Gear review here.

Grand Prize: 1 Gutzy Gear Party Pack to WIN and 1 to GIVE

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Spruce up any strap with Gutzy Gear

Sad and lonely straps

My “baby” just turned five and we are gearing up for kindergarten! I am in the midst of picking up the last of the long list of supplies I have to send in with him on the first day and I am almost done…for now. The biggest item on that list is the backpack. He picked out Spiderman (of course) but since I saw three other boys pick out the same exact backpack it got me thinking that maybe I should make his backpack stand out just a bit.

Gutzy Gear is a cool new product that lets kids take a run of the mill item like a backpack and customize to fit their own interests without sewing or permanently damaging the bag! The process could not be more simple: remove the backpack strap covers from the box, wrap it around any bag strap and add your favorite Gutzy! There currently are 56 Gutzies in the series and new Gutzies are constantly being introduced so there is something for everyone! The straps and patches all attach with velcro so your child can change their patches as often as they change their mind. Read the rest of this entry »

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