Skip the mall and buy your glasses online {I even have a coupon code for you}

Skip the mall and buy your glasses online {I even have a coupon code for you}

My kids my work and just everyday life keep me pretty busy these days. I fondly remember the days when I was able to spend a Saturday afternoon at the mall, browsing with a cup of coffee in hand, not really worrying about the time. It was a simple time in my life. I worked, I shopped, I hung out with friends. Easy.

Now life is not so simple. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with all my choices. I am just….so….busy…..and….tired. My free time is usually spent cleaning or catching my breath until the kids wake up (or need me again) or the next project I need to work on comes along. Whenever a new errand pops up I do my best to try to complete it using the least amount of my free time because I have so little. This became apparent when I broke my eyeglasses and needed to get a new pair.

I wear contacts 99% of the time but when I want to give my eyes a rest I take my lenses out and use my glasses. I also like to keep a spare pair in my car just in case I have a contact malfunction. I had been wearing an old emergency pair because I just was not able to schedule in the time to get a new pair. I already had my eyeglasses prescription since I had recently gotten a contact lens exam but I still needed time to pick out new frames. I just kept putting it off.

The other day, while I was working online, I came across, a neat little site that will help you save time and money (my two faves) because you can order your  glasses online. I thought this was brilliant! Whenever there is a chore I can do in pj’s I consider myself lucky : )

See how you look in the frames before you decide to buy....this is me!!

One of the really cool and useful features of this site is the Try-It Mirror. Once you choose the glasses you are interested in, you can simply upload a head shot of yourself and “try” your glasses on. That’s me in the picture above trying on a new pair of specs. How do I look?

Right now, Have Kids Will Coupon readers can take 15% off  their order and  get free shipping on orders over $50 when you enter the code: FS15. You can also take 10% off any order of prescription glasses when you use code: Blog10.  I would love to know what you all think about shopping for glasses online. Have you done it before? Were you happy with the result?



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