The summer fun has begun with our first party of the season!

The summer fun has begun with our first party of the season!

Summer is my favorite season and since we only get about 3 months of hot swimming weather here, I try to make the most of each day and #GrabSummerFun. My brother’s pool is fun central for our family so most of the summer parties and playdates are at his house. We like to keep our get togethers as stress free as possible so we keep the food and decor as quick and easy as we can. Who wants to spend time in the kitchen on a beautiful sunny day anyway?

J1 and J2 spend lots of time in Cousin A's pink Barbie jeep

I wanted to my first pool play date of the season to be special but within my budget (it is not even officially summer yet so I have to pace myself!) I knew I had some leftover Hawaiian luau decorations and balloons from a big party we had a few years ago so my decoration cost was $0! I like to devote most of my money to food so this was a perfect start. Most of the children attending were under 6 so I chose pizza for lunch and ice cream for dessert along with fruit and veggies to snack on.

One of the first things I do before leaving the house is to check my flyers for sales to match up with my coupon stash. I do this weekly and have built a nice stockpile of  frozen and dry goods that my family will use on a regular basis. This keeps my grocery budget extremely low since I only buy these items at their lowest prices. Unfortunately I did not have frozen pizza and ice cream on hand so on to plan B! My store flyer hunt did not produce the sale + coupon magic I was hoping for so I headed to my low-price-go-to store,….Walmart!

Pre-party prep ALWAYS includes checking out grocery store flyers and my coupon binder.

My local Walmart does not have a very large produce section so first we headed to my local supermarket to pick up my favorite summer fruits like pineapples, watermelon and grapes along with kid friendly veggies. I only buy whole fruits and vegetables to cut up and arrange at home. This saves me a ton of money and allows me to be much more creative.

Once we loaded up on produce, it was time to pick up our pizza and ice cream. We go to Walmart about once a week so I headed straight for the ice cream aisle. This Walmart has the grocery section right up front in the middle of the store which makes shopping for a few necessities like bread and milk fast and easy. No sprinting to the back of a huge grocery store with a toddler in tow for this mama!


I came to Walmart looking for Tombstone Pizza but left empty handed. Sigh

First thing we looked for was the pizza. The choices very were limited and we couldn’t find the Tombstone Pizza we came for. I saw several other brands and great big holes on the shelves so I figured they were waiting for a delivery. I really did not want any other brands so we enforced plan B, burgers and hot dogs. We already had some at home so it was a logical choice.

Next up was our search for ice cream. Once again, we saw big holes on the shelves but this time we were able to get what we came for, Nestle Drumsticks. I could only spot one variety but I happily grabbed what they had. I really like this kind of treat on a hot day because it is cold, appealing to both kids and adults and it not messy at all. My boys don’t like getting sticky and messy so this is a favorite in our house.

At least we found the drumsticks we were looking for.

I  was alittle disappointed leaving without the pizza we wanted but I knew my first get together of the summer was still going to be fun, fun, fun. I really love this Walmart but lately I have been leaving empty handed and need to hit another store for the brands I used to find here. I am not sure what is going on but I hope they fix it soon! Making the best of the situation, I headed to checkout with my Nestle Ice Cream and one happy boy. Next stop, home to begin the party prep.

J2 was ready to party with his ice cream.

The party was at noon the next day so when we  arrived home from Walmart it was time to prep the fruit and veggies. I was making a fruit kebob centerpiece (everything tastes better on a stick) so I cut everything  up now to make arranging it easy the next day. This centerpiece is super easy to make.


To make this centerpiece you will need:

  • 1 seedless watermelon
  • Your favorite summer fruits (we like to use blueberries, grapes, pinapples and melons)
  • Wooden kebob sticks
  • Cookie sheet
  • Plastic wrap

Cut the watermelon in half lengthwise and set one half aside. This will be your base. Cut the remaining half of the watermelon into cubes and set aside. Cut the remaining fruit into uniform pieces and set aide. Once you are finished cutting everything up you can simply add all of your fruit to the sticks in an alternating pattern. Make sure the “top” of your stick is the flat end. You will need the sharp end on the bottom to insert into the watermelon base.  To save time, cut up your fruit the night before and arrange on the sticks, then place your fruit kebobs flat on a cookie sheet and cover with plastic wrap. The day of your party all you will have to do is arrange your kebobs around your watermelon rind by carefully inserting the sharp end of the stick as seen in my photo. Once you have your arrangement as you like it, garnish with the leftover grapes and blueberries. This is always a big hit with both my adult and kiddie guests. If you have little ones at your party, make sure an adult removes the fruit from the stick. We don’t want any boo boos!!

All we had left to do is our pineapple boats and veggie platter and then we were all set to party.

What can possibly make pineapple even BETTER? Make it into a boat!

All our prep work was completed last night and today is party day! We got up early to finish assembling the fruit kebobs and decorate the yard and now we can just enjoy the day. I like to do as much as possible the night before a party or play date to reduce the stress of getting ready for my party. My little monkeys make it a bit more challenging no matter how good they are so the less I have to do on party day the better!

The yard is decorated, food is ready to  go and now it is time to have some fun! Our guests were excited to all the fun stations we had going on in the yard. We had it all: sand, sprinkles, jumping, swimming and of course, food!

Bounce, bounce, bounce!

The kids and adults had a blast playing and eating all day but now it was time for dessert! Everyone was so excited to get their own Nestle drumstick and I was excited at the minimal clean up and waste. The kids were happy, I was happy and the party was a success. I am looking forward to a whole summer of fun!

A boy, a truck and ice cream = one happy boy

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