Lost your iPad to the kids…again? Looks like it is time to become an EMG (Evil Mommy Genius)

Lost your iPad to the kids…again? Looks like it is time to become an EMG (Evil Mommy Genius)

They might look cute and innocent but deep down they are just trying to pry the my iPad out of my hands.

When I got my iPad I had big plans for it. It was my toy. It was going to help me organize my time better, make me an amazing chef, and heck, make me super mom! That dream was soon shattered the moment my boys laid eyes on it. It quickly became a timeshared item with mommy only getting to use it early in the morning and late at night. As soon as I came to terms with with my technological loss, I quickly started to search for apps that will make their time on the ipad count with educational games and books. They get what they want but mommy always wins. I am an evil mommy genius : ) 

My oldest “J1″ will be 5 in July so he is just starting to sight read and will hopefully begin reading soon. He loves books so in addition to reading to him, I picked up one of those systems with the special pen that lets the child “read” as they swipe the pen over each word. It is a fantastic product that “J2″ my 3 year old, will enjoy but J1 never took to it.

My app search lead me to some great books that allowed J1 to read on his own or have the story read to him. He took to these books very quickly. The only problem was the cost (you know I am all about saving money where I can). They were $3.99 each and it was a constant battle with him blowing through each book begging for another, and another, and another! I had no problem buying a few but this ala carte book buying was not working out. I knew I could find something better. Know what? I did!

One of the greatest things about my job is I get to try out some really interesting things my family can actually use. When I was approached to try out Ruckus Reader the timing could not have been better. J1 was eager to read and I was eager to hold on to more of my money!

Once I saw Transformers I was hooked!

Why I love it!
My  boys loved the wide selection of books, although Transformers and Chuck and friends have become fast favorites. One of the things I truly loved (besides all the educational bonuses) is the ability for me to save money on these books by having the option of buying the books separately or getting an all access membership. You can download full sample books to try before you buy (which I LOVE).

There are three types of Ruckus Reader books which will engage children of all ages and reading levels. This was especially important to me because my 3 year old is on my iPad as well. I am all about the 2 for 1 value and this has so much more. Each type of reader focuses on a different aspect of learning.

  • iReaders are interactive readers with integrated activities, video clips and an assessment system that provides feedback on your child’s progress.
  • Classic and Premium eReaders bring the traditional picture book experience to your electronic device.
  • Ruckus Videos are both classic and modern stories told in video format.


The books also come in three levels tailored to your child’s ability. You have the option to track each child’s progress (up to four!) so I can see how J1 and J2 are doing via an email I receive each week. You can even log in at anytime on the site and check out what your children are reading and learning. How cool is that?

LEVEL 1 For Emergent Readers: Books contain simple words and just a few short sentences per screen.

LEVEL 2 For Beginning Readers: Books use many of the words learned in Level 1 and introduce slightly more complex letter sounds and longer words.

LEVEL 3 For Independent Readers Books offer increased vocabulary and more compound and multisyllabic words for readers with greater confidence.

Buy it!
Membership is only $24.99  for  unlimited access to all the books in the Ruckus Reader Library with access on multiple devices (for up to 4 kids) which I think is a steal at $1.04 a week. Considering I was spending $3.99 a pop I would jump at this!

How YOU can Win it! The lovely folks at Ruckus Reader want to help you encourage your child to love reading by offering a chance to win a six-month all access membership for the Ruckus Reader ($24.99 value) How cool is that! Enter below for your chance and good luck!
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I received a subscription to Ruckus Reader in order to facilitate this review and giveaway. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.


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