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Mommy 101: Label EVERYTHING

My oldest son J1 will be turning 5 in July and will be entering kindergarten this September. He currently attends preschool and rides the bus (which he thinks is the greatest thing since sliced bread.) He has made friends with a few of the boys on the bus and is constantly coming home with various cars, trucks and planes. I make it very clear to him that these toys are a loan and must be returned to the owner the next day. He gets this concept very well.

My mommy brain led me to believed that ALL parents follow this rule of thumb (silly me) so I let him take a brand new Transformer that took a week of good deeds to earn to school. It was awarded to him  on Sunday (there was a sticker chart and everything!) and on Monday afternoon when he got off the bus, I was informed that his new toy was given to a schoolmate as a loan. My 4 year old son assured me that his 4 year old friend was good for it and not to worry….yeah, ok! Two weeks and one handwritten note to this child’s mom later, the toy has not arrived home. I don’t blame the mom for the missing toy as she might not have ever seen it but I wanted to let her know that she might have a extra toy floating around. At this point, the only way this toy might ever make it home will be because of the  customized labels I put on every toy and school item I hope to see again. Read the rest of this entry »


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I love using Saving Star to help me take my couponing to the next level and this week I love them even more for sponsoring this week’s Mission Giveaway!

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Toddler Must-haves: A great potty seat {that you can win!}

I am a gadgety/gear type of gal. If something is super useful to me, makes my life easier and is cost effective (BONUS!) I an all over it! My husband tends to tease me about needing certain products instead of just going basic but since I am the one home with the little monkeys all day he tends to give in to my madness : )

When I first started potty training my oldest (J1, almost 5) It was an interesting process. I visited websites, bought books, watched videos, consulted with friends and bought seven (yes seven!!) potty-type devices. While most of them served some sort of purpose at the time, I really could have skipped at least 5 of them. I still use one but will discuss that one in  my next potty training  post. Now that J1 is fully potty trained and I have received on-the-job-training I am in the process of potty training J2 (almost 3).

The potty training process has been similar with both kids but with a twist. J1 is very tall and trained late so the little plastic potty on the floor was not an option for him. He preferred sitting on the toilet which presented a whole other set of difficulties. Thankfully, this time around, J2 loves to use the potty at the same time as his brother so he is loving his own plastic potty.

Currently I am having three issues with the potty seat I already owned:

  • Little or no splash guard. I plea ignorance on this one. I had no idea how important this feature would be for my sanity. Thank goodness for Clorox wipes!
  • J2 is on the tall, skinny side so his tiny bottom leaves a huge margin of error (e.g. he pees everywhere unless we remind him to sit all the way back and hold his winky down)
  • Emptying and cleaning a plastic potty stinks (literally!)

When I was given the opportunity to review the Pourty I was very excited (my husband…not so much) to try this out with J2 to see if it made a difference.

The very first thing I noticed (and LOVED) is the high splash guard. If you have ever potty trained a boy you know how important this feature is (unless of course you enjoy cleaning up puddles) That teeny-tiny 1 inch splash guard you see on most potty seats does not cut it!

The Pourty comes in these awesome colors!

Another feature that I found in the Pourty was the comfy wide seat. It slightly higher and wider than most one piece potties making it ideal for a taller child. As I said before, J2 has a hard time finding a comfy position on his current potty.  The Pourty takes the guess work out of where to sit. The most comfortable place for J2 to sit is the best, cleanest place. There is little to no chance of him making a mess outside his new potty. This makes mommy very happy.

J2 demonstrates how easy he can help with the potty

The final feature that made this potty stand out for me was how easy is was to empty and clean. The pourty is one solid, smooth piece which means it can be easily rinsed out and sanitized after each use. After use, the contents are easily poured into the toilet or sink through the back of the potty keeping your child away from any possible mess. The handle makes pouring even easier. This is especially important when you have a child in the “I can do it stage”

Buy it! The Pourty retails for $14.95 and is available at several major retailers including and BabiesRus

Win it! One lucky Have Kids Will Coupon reader will win their very own Pourty in whichever color they choose (blue, pink, purple or white) Just enter the easy Rafflecopter form below

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OVER: Win a Klutchclub box containing health and wellness products worth over $50!

As moms, we tend to take care of the kids, our spouse and everyone else FIRST and put ourselves last. Taking care of our health and wellness  helps us take care of our families better and subscribing to Klutclub helps you do just that. Subscriptions range from $16-$18 a month and are tailored to your specific goals. Read the rest of this entry »


Win the ultimate Father’s Day Gift worth $700!

Do you have a man in your life that deserves the ultimate Father’s Day Gift? Then look no further. Now is your chance to win some cash to furnish his man cave with whatever he wants. Hurry…this contest ends June 8th at midnight so enter today!
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