Mommy used to be pretty

Mommy used to be pretty

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived a girl who loved bath and body products. She had something for every part of her body: scrubs, lotions, sprays, meshy ball thingys and even funny looking lava rocks. Her bathroom was covered in products that made her look and smell pretty. Sometimes she would spend an entire evening just performing her pampering rituals. It took hours but she was worth it!

Then one day a stork came and dropped off a baby. A very loud, baby who needed her attention every second of the day. So much so that she was lucky to take a daily shower at 12am just to ensure she was able to bathe. This was a far cry from days past but it was her new reality and she was happy to be a mommy but was sad to let her pampering go. All kidding aside this story is sad but true. I did have a pampering routine that I cherished and it was replaced by two kids and 12am showers. Now that my kids are older and thankfully are wonderful sleepers, I am slowly getting back to a modified me routine. I think it is so important for moms to take some time for themselves once in awhile. We spend our entire day taking care of our family, our pets, our homes, our business and everything else leaving little or no time for ourselves. Now that I have scheduled in some me time I am on the hunt for some new products to try and I was fortunate enough for the opportunity to try out a new line from Perfectly Posh. As I browsed the website I was impressed right from the start about how these products are made. Essential oils and pthalate-free fragrances are used to get that “OMG, I am tempted to eat this hand cream” scents and all their products are free of  paraben, paraffin, SLS, gluten and soy. There is nothing worse that loving a product only to realize it has an ingredient listed on the “top ten chemicals that will make you grow a third eye” blog. No worries here. Even my gluten and soy free friends can enjoy these products!

The first product I ripped out of the box to try out was BIG Fat Yummy Hand Créme with the Satsuma fragrance. I wish there was a smell-o-vision app because I need cannot possibly explain how yummy this hand cream smells. The best way I can explain it an orange creamsicle pop but better. After I resisted the urge to just take a lick I tried it out on my extremely dry “mom” hands. I am a hand cream snob and the brands I like the best are of course totally overpriced. The ones that aren’t greasy don’t last through the million times I wash my hands and the ones that do last are way too greasy. This had the best of both worlds. It went on smooth, absorbed very quickly and lasted through several washings. I did reapply it a few times a day but my skin is still recovering from a very dry winter. The nice thing was that the softness lasted almost the entire day.

Next to try was Oh, Peaches! I was super excited to try this one out because of my lifelong addiction to lip balm. I have tubes of a well known, drug store brand lip balm in every crevice of my home and never leave the house without several tubes stashed in my purse, pocket and car. This addiction has left my lips super dry in between applications which in turn, feeds my need to reapply. When I applied this smells-like-a-fresh-peach-OMG-I want-to-eat-this-as-well sugar scrub on my lips it felt great going on and tasted sweet. After I wiped it off my lips felt so smooth and I did not feel the need to for lip balm! There might be hope for me yet!

The Stripper was next (you can see me using it in the photo above) I have a very oily t-zone so I probably have tried hundreds of mud masks. My skin is pretty tough but this was a bit too tingly for the sides of  my face so I was only able to leaving it on for about five minutes. If I only did my t-zone I would have be able to go to 15. After I rinsed it off my skin felt smooth and clean and not a bit dry. The problem with oily skin mud masks is that they do work well but your face feels like the desert afterwards. This mask seemed to strike a great balance between super clean and just enough softness.

Finally I used Slather in the Paper Moon scent. Once again, I fell in love with a moisturizer. I cheated at first and tried it out on my hands.  It was a bit more creamy than the BIG Fat Yummy Hand Créme which makes it perfect for my bedside nighttime hand cream in addition to a body cream.  I only use moisturizer on my legs after my shower and some products will sting after I shave and feel greasy all day. Not a good feeling. This went on smoothly, did not sting and absorbed pretty quickly. By the time I was ready to get dressed my legs just felt smooth.

Now that I have (hopefully) convinced you to take some time for yourself for some pampering, you are thinking “How can I get my hands on these awesome finds?” Right now there are a few ways: You can go to thier website and order directly or  host a posh party and earn free products (that’s right, I said FREE) while introducing these pampering products to your friends and family. As an added bonus, from now until April 30th you will have a chance to WIN a pampering basket from Posh! Just enter the rafflecopter form below. Make sure you also give some love to the Posh Facebook pageso you can stay updated the latest and greatest.

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I was given products to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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