Before you buy the store extended warranty, check out SquareTrade FIRST (and save and additional 20%)

Before you buy the store extended warranty, check out SquareTrade FIRST (and save and additional 20%)

Are you buying electronics for gifts this year? Before you spend money on the stores extended warranty, check out the SquareTrade warranty FIRST! I just got an iPad2 soup to nuts 3 year warranty for only $115.00!  This includes Normal use issues, drops and spills (including full immersion), has no deductible, is transferable and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time! You can even put a warranty on second hand electronics! Best Buy wanted over $300 for a 3 year warranty for the same exact coverage.

Signing up is easy. Go to SquareTrade and find the device you would like to get the warranty for. Fill out the form and payment info. Once you register, you can scan or fax your merchandise receipt and they will hold a digital copy of your receipt for the life of the warranty so you don’t have to worry about finding it if you file a claim. How cool is that??? Even better? Right now, if this is your first time using SquareTrade you can enter the code INTRODUCTION and get an additional 20% off the warranty price!!! This is good for your iPhone, tablets, TVs, etc.  I have never seen a deal like this before. I have don’t tons of research and cannot find any bad reviews. I have personally purchased this warranty and could not be happier. Please let me know your experiences with Square Trade. I would love to hear from customers!!!




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