Michael Barclay Guest Post and Hill 170 Giveaway

Michael Barclay Guest Post and Hill 170 Giveaway

Hill 170
China, North Korea, South Korea and the United States – the major forces in the world’s most dangerous stand off.

Sergeant Dodge Bryce and the small team of USAF intelligence ops on Hill 170 keep the region safe. But who will keep them safe when a shocking incident costs the group fully one third of their number – overnight?

Now gravely short handed, the Hill faces its ultimate worst case
scenario – a PRC spy in their midst. And Bryce, his remarkable string of intel discoveries having cost the PRC too much, is now the #1 target of China’s master assassin.

It’s a race against the clock as East and West square off in a
chillingly authentic story of defections, betrayals and clandestine
intelligence operations that you will never forget. Read an Excerpt

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A Guest Post from Author Michael Barclay

Boy, I gotta tell ya, I can’t wait to be seven again! This little one, my daughter Sophia, has so many levels of energy it’s crazy. The 12th was her birthday and all day it was – going, going, going; then pooped; a bag of apple slices and off & running again. Seventeen hours! Yeesh!

It’s funny, when she looks at me as I’m trying to find some long hidden reserve of energy so I can keep up with her, I often wonder what she sees – her Papa, pretending to be worn out so she can giggle as she goads me on or, her Papa, who needs her to fetch a stretcher before he collapses. Hopefully it’s the former!

It was suggested I post about fatherhood and writing. Now there are two things that have no practical connection. In fact, they really don’t mix very well. At least, not in my case. I can’t work out a complex twist and coach Sophia on single digit subtraction. I can’t have threads of possible story arcs playing out in my head while I’m helping her understand why blue, to, shoe and poo all rhyme. It’s too great a leap for my brain.

But, being her father makes me fully aware of what ‘precious’ means. And when I find I need to understand a character’s strongest motivation I merely have to think of what Sophia means to me. There is nothing more precious. That look in her eye that tells me I am the lynchpin in her world. I am her guardian, her encyclopedia, her courage, her audience – I am her Papa. Any emotion I need for a story I can get from her.

Of course, writing, at least my type of writing, demands a great deal of solitary concentration and work. How does that mix with fatherhood? Um, it doesn’t. On top of that I am the sort of writer who is at my best first thing in the morning. Want to guess when Sophia has her one million questions ready? Yes, you win the prize. Luckily, my wonderful wife takes Sophia to school when she can, allowing me to hit the keys and leave reality for many hours.

Would my writing be different if I weren’t a father? Let’s see… part of the main complication in my current novel-in-progress is the protagonist being at odds with his daughter (AND the antagonist who finds his daughter slipping away). A central character in my following novel has a very strong relationship with his daughter and part of his struggle gets passed on to her (I’m very excited about both of these stories; I can’t wait to see what the characters do when I set them loose). I’m sure that if I weren’t the father of this incredible little girl, these complications never would have come to mind.

I tend to look at it this way – being a father makes it harder to write, but, being a father makes what I write more honest. And it makes singing pirate songs a lot more fun!



Michael is having a large contest himself: HILL 170 is giving away a Kindle and the Winner gets to choose!

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Kindle is Amazon’s #1 best seller and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.

The HILL 170 Kindle Giveaway Official Rules
1. Buy the book at Amazon

2. (choose one)
A. Forward a copy of your Amazon purchase receipt to hill170kindle@gmail.com
B. Send a screen capture of your Amazon purchase receipt to hill170kindle@gmail.com

3. One entry per purchase.

4. Entries must be in by October 15th 2011.

5. Drawing will be held October 25th 2011. The winner will be announced on Hill170.com October 26th 2011.

The fine print: The actual prize is a $139 gift credit at Amazon. The winner may use this amount for any item(s) sold on Amazon. Void where prohibited.


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