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So I used to be a pretty big reader, but I’ve slowed down now that I’m working full time. I also had a bit of an issue with remembering to return my library book on time. I’m pretty sure that there are some kind of wanted posters with my face on it all over our local library. Rather than suck it up and pay my fines, I’ve just decided to avoid the library all together. I’ve been telling myself that I would some day just go pay my money and recheck out the book I had to return before I even finished it. Well that hasn’t happened, but I did remember how easy it is to go on Sidelake satellite internet and order books from Amazon. So a few days ago I did just that and today my book came in the mail today. It was so easy and cheaper than paying my library fees, so there goes all hopes of me going back to my library loving ways. I guess this way I can just start to collect books for my own library.


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  • SarahSparrow:

    Awww, don’t get scared away from the library! (I may be biased; I work at one.) Have you looked into your library’s policies on fines? We cap our overdue fines (just overdue, not damaged or lost) at $10. We also run Food for Fines once a year, where people can bring in food donations and get their overdue fines forgiven.

  • My heart skipped a beat when you said you were leaving the library. LOL I practically live at mine. I think they may get tired of us. LOL My library has the same policies as Sarah’s above. I can’t live without books and I certainly can’t afford to feed my addiction. (Getting free books to review helps with that, too.)

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