Free Summer Concerts in Medford, NY

Free Summer Concerts in Medford, NY

One of the great things about summer is all the free concerts, popping up all over the place. Where we live, there are concerts to go to almost any night of the week in one town or another, usually sponsored by chambers of commerce, but often by fire departments, ambulance companies or towns themselves.

Tonight, for example, there is a free concert in Medford Memorial Park, Medford, NY, sponsored by the Medford Chamber of Commerce. The band is an acoustic Beatles tribute band called Something. The chamber has another event planned for August 10th (featuring Bobby Sinatra and American Lounge) and one on August 24th (Doo-Wop music by The Cascades) as well.

If you like music, but haven’t thought about going to a free concert on a weekday before, I urge you to consider it. They are family friendly events, often feature universally loved music, and can be a very casual, good way to entertain the kids for an hour or two after dinner.

To find concerts in your area, check your local online papers like, or locally oriented social media sites like They have events pages on their websites where information about free or low cost public events are listed. If there isn’t an event happening in your town on a day you’re free, check out the towns around you. If you live in a populated area like we do here on Long Island, you’re sure to find something.


By Marc

Marc Morrell is Francine's husband, father of two boys, and a graphic designer and illustrator by trade. You can find more information about his work at M2 Imaging, or at one of his Long Island print shops, Morrell Printing and Design in Medford, NY or Printstars in Sea Cliff and Plainview, NY.

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